Automotive experiences
that only our AI can provide

SMS that provides immediate customer service beyond appointment setting. Our conversational AI takes your buyer out of the market in minutes and gives them more than vital answers by promptly acting to connect calls to your sales team.

A smiling customer, a small calendar & 2 chat bubbles asking, “Can I test drive?” & the AI says, “Yes, when can I call you?”

Leading automotive companies choose to simplify their processes

Built to make your job more effective

Use automation processes to drive enhanced SMS experiences

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Reduce lead expenses

You can lower lead management costs by up to 50%.

Increase closing rates

Some dealerships experience a positive impact on closing rates by up to 24%.

Boost customer satisfaction

Elevate your CSI by about 20% with fast relevant responses to inquiries.

Speed up lead management

Engaging in under 2 minutes allows you to be the first to respond.

A woman & an hourglass for time-saving, dials for personalization, a chat for accessibility, & dollars for cost-effective.

Our features

Use automation to enhance SMS engagement & experiences

Three parallel lines with a dial on each one

Customized SMS conversations

Control the type and cadence of your outbound campaigns and follow-up.

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Provide a range of natural and simple chats to customers using engineered, tested and trained GPT prompts.

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Trained AI models

Spark Vin-specific conversations using natural language AI trained on automotive data.

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Revive past, current and new customers with thorough responses that continue until they convert.

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AI drives awareness to service customers about vehicle needs and current market conditions.

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Automated buying process

Create tons of opportunities for your teams with outbound campaigns to service-drive customers.

Testimonials from our partners

We are going to continue working with you and obviously the reason why is the results that we are getting. So, that’s a no-brainer.

Zack Fares

Elgin Chrysler

I love it. It’s great. It takes that customer experience, which is really the biggest thing with AI - is getting that customer the answer they need, as quickly as they possibly can.

Denny Hodges

Dyer Automotive Group

We need two human beings to talk to each other to buy a car, but if we can make it easier for them to get that human interaction, [then] the better chance we have of working with more people.

Phil McTaggart

Internet Director - Foundation Chevrolet

They stated that they've seen an increase in appointments and two of the BDC Reps told management they like our system way better than their previous AI.

Jen Paine

Director of Performance Management

Why SMS only?

Dealers who leverage SMS marketing experience better metrics in the following, compared to traditional email communication.

Talk to sales

Open rate

Send customers a text and 98% of the time they’ll check to see what you said.


Prefer text

Most customers want direct ad communication by SMS, rather than email/calls.


Engagement rate

Some dealerships see results like 65% overall positive customer engagement.


SMS response rate

Recipients read and reply to 95% of text in the first 3 minutes of getting them.


Our answers to your most popular questions

What is your contract length?

We don’t believe in long term contracts. All of our service packages are on a 30-day out.

Do you have in-store training?

Though runs in the background of your lead management processes, our performance team offers initial on-site training and onboarding for your sales staff. Our performance managers will also continue to follow up and do performance calls after install.

Do you integrate with any CRMs?

We are integrated with all major automotive CRMs. We currently have enhanced integrations with VinSolutions, Elead and DealerSocket.

Do I need to work out of the dashboard?

No, you will continue to manage your customers through your own CRM.

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