Our powerful

Made by leading software providers in the automotive industry so we're easy to integrate into your existing workflow.

Our powerful IntegrationsOur powerful Integrations
Speed up your systems with AI

Streamlining your business is easier than ever!

Organize customer data and coordinate with your sales team, stay on top of conversations with up-to-date information and insights, free up valuable time and resources from tedious processes and take your dealership to the next level.

Our partner-level CRM integrations

Leave behind the portal fatigue and work directly from your CRM. Push and pull data seamlessly!


Partner API integrations

Smooth out your dealership workflow. These Konect.ai integrations will gather and push all information automatically from our software to your CRM, in real time.


SMS engagement

No matter what CRM your dealership uses, Konect.ai helps with outbound marketing to engage your leads and push customers to your website or social media channel.

Our partner level CRM integrationsOur partner level CRM integrations

Konect.ai + ChatGPT

Our curated SMS solutions now include VIN-specific vehicle information, making conversations simpler and more effective. With early access to GPT-4, we bring the most advanced responses to automotive audiences.

Konect.ai + ChatGPT
Other Integrations

Other integrations

Elevate your operations and customer engagement with our automotive-focused AI models. Push data across multiple channels, backend systems and internal software for live insights and customized communications that transform your business.

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